Northern Soul Show 13-10-2013

The UK’s favourite Northern Soul Show presented by Stuart Blackburn.
First broadcast on Remarkable Radio on Sunday, 13th October 2013 at 18:00 GMT

Northern Soul Show 13-10-2013 by Stuart Blackburn on Mixcloud

Music Played
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Kiki Dee – The Day Will Come Between Sund

Jon Gunn – I Just Made up My Mind

Heron, Gil Scott – The Bottle

Heron, Gil Scott – Lady Day & John Coltrane

Laura Greene – Moonlight Music and You

Benny Spellman – Fortune Teller

Sue Lynne – Don’t Pity Me

Spiral Staircase – More Today Than Yesterday

Major Lance – You Don’t Want Me No More

Exciters – Reaching for the Best

Eddie Parker – Love You Baby

Maxine Brown – One in a Million

Johnny Bragg – They’re Talking About Me

Wil Collins & Willpower – Anything I Can Do

Bed – Love Coming On

Gwen and Rae – Build Your House On A Strong Foundation

The Formations – At The Top Of The Stairs

Holly St James – That’s Not Love

L.J. Johnson – Your Magic Put a Spell on Me

Fred Hughes – I Keep Tryin’

Chuck Jackson – I Keep Forgetting

Lou Johnson – Magic Potion

CCS – Brother

Bobby Hebb – Love, Love, Love

Sandi Sheldon – You’re Gonna Make Me Love You

The Yum Yums – Gonna Be a Big Thing

Bobby Kline – Say Something Nice To Me

Ruby – Deceived

Sam Ward – Sister Lee

Linda Jones – My Heart Need A Break

Chuck Wood – Seven Days Too Long

Ringleaders – Baby, What’s Happened To Our Love?

CCS – Brother

The Astors – Candy

Bed – Love Coming On

The Belles – Don’t Pretend

Little Richard – I Don’t Want To Discuss It

Gwen Davis – My Man Don’t Think I Know

Patti Austin – Are We Ready For Love

Roy Hamilton – Crackin’ Up Over You

The High Keys – Living A Lie

The Incredibles – There’s Nothing Else to Say

The Supremes – There’s No Stopping Us Now

Pointer Sisters – Send Him Back

Derek & Ray – Interplay

Andre Brasseur – The Kid

Al Wilson – The Snake

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